There are a lot of cities in the world.  Like, thousands.  As an American, my perspective on world cities is very much limited to the postcard images of global capitals.  London has Big Ben.  Paris has the Eiffel Tower and the Seine and whatnot.  Rome has people in togas, fighting lions and Russell Crowe.   But I get tired of these two-dimensional ideas of cities.  If postcardsyou visit San Francisco, the cable car ride is not really the most interesting part.  The most interesting part will be some aspect of the city that you hadn’t heard of before – like finding bison in Golden Gate Park – or overcoming a challenge, like trying to parallel park on a hill that’s straight out of an MC Escher painting.

This blog is going to be both discovery and challenge.  Every week I’m going to pick a city at random from a large database of cities and I’ll have one week to learn whatever I can about it, without actually going there.  I recognize that this is going to get postcard glossy in some cases.  But if Anu Garg can give the world a word every day, I can try to explore a city  a week from the comfort of my hovel!!

Published by Aaron McKeon

I'm a long-time bureaucrat. I write about the environment, land use, urban public policy, National Parks, and a hodgepodge of other subjects.

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